Welding electrode manufacturer acquires Botswana plant

  • Submerged-arc welding consumable manufacturer specialist Vorarc Welding expanded its business eight months ago through the acquisition of a welding manufacturing plant in Gaborone, Botswana.
  • Welding electrodes are generally used in less sophisticated weld- ing markets, where expensive welding equipment is not generally required, says Vorster.
  • He says that these electrodes are used extensively in Africa and South Africa, which is a large potential market for Vorarc.
  • However, he notes, a potential problem is cheaper imported electrodes from Asia, and, owing to this threat, the company will have to make sure that its quality and service are impeccable.
  • Experienced people in the welding industry generally develop the technology of coating minerals on electrodes.
  • Vorster, a Southern African Institute of Welding (SAIW) member since 1970, says that the SAIW provides an invaluable service to the welding industry with regard to certification and the training of welders.
  • It also provides advice to small welding companies, for whom it is too expensive to employ their own engineers, which is another valuable benefit for the South African welding industry, he comments.
  • Further, he says, he has personally gained a large amount of technological know-how through the monthly meetings that the SAIW holds.


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