The Welding Job Market

The Welding Job MarketIn the 1800s and 1900s, manufacturing was not just a job, but a career. People wanted to get into factories because it was a way to ensure a steady job with steady pay. However, in the late 20th century, manufacturing in the US declined, and jobs like welding became more and more scarce. Once the economy began to recover and jobs were available again, the welders had moved elsewhere.

The rise of service industry and office jobs helped play into the rise in robotic welding. People didn’t see manufacturing as a marketable career anymore. When graduates entered the job market in areas other than manufacturing, it left holes in the job market that industrial manufacturers were not able to fill. When there are no skilled welders to hire, where are manufacturers supposed to turn? To robotic welders, of course. It wasn’t long before manufacturers realized that robotic welding was faster than manual welding, and it kept costs at a minimum.

As robotic welding began to shape the welding job market, it began to create more jobs for welders than ever before. Instead of just being trained in welding, these welders were also being trained in robotics, which meant they had more marketable skills when they reentered the job market or moved elsewhere. Who better to operate a welding robot than a skilled welder?

All in all, the welding job market has changed dramatically since the introduction of welding robots and the decline, and subsequent rise, of the manufacturing industry. The market is different now, but it has more to offer welders than ever before.

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