The Benefits of Spot Welding Robots

Spot welding robotSpot welding robots are one of the two most common applications for industrial robots today, next to arc welding applications. A spot welding robot has many advantages over a manual spot welding application, which is it has become such an attractive process for companies to integrate with automation.

Spot welding uses pressure to weld pieces of metal together. These guns are usually very heavy and awkward, even for the most experienced welder, so it is hard to achieve that accuracy that is necessary to ensure a high quality weld and product. This is one of the many advantages of having a spot welding robot in your factory. A spot welding robot is able to hit the mark every time on every work piece. This means that each work piece is uniform and has a higher quality weld than some other welding processes.

A robotic spot welder can be found in many different industries, including the automobile and aerospace industries, as well as the consumer goods industry, and sometimes even the healthcare industry, where robot spot welders are able to help factories create cabinets and other furniture for hospital rooms.

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