Strategies For Automating A Welding Job

  • Automation can reduce time and costs-to-manufacture while improving quality and efficiency, but implementing automation for welding requires strategic planning, and evaluating the job and the expected outcome.
  • And, it requires the right employees and a good robotics company or integrator if it is going to achieve the goals set out for it.
  • Especially if the automation includes a shop's first robotic welding cell.
  • And will automating welding operations help you be more competitive?
  • Motoman produces robots with reaches to 10 ft. But, as parts get bigger, the system costs more.
  • That is the reason that evaluating the part size is critical when making the decision to automate.
  • Robots today are more versatile than years ago, and we're selling a 6-axis robot that gives us great versatility," Jacobson said.
  • Anderson added that while the robot is flexible enough to handle a variety of jobs in a production job shop setting, the key is to also implement an easy toolchange system.
  • People working on the manufacturing floor can be a wealth of information on how jobs are currently being done and can be extremely helpful in developing the automation.


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