Spatter-free welding - even manually!

  • The rail vehicle specialist built a prototype wagon to demonstrate the new welding technology to its customers.
  • The result was a pleasant surprise for all concerned.
  • The absence of spatter is a feature that becomes apparent particularly after painting the delicate, rustproof steel sheets.
  • CMT Manual is a variant of the automated CMT welding process, which has now been impressing welders and customers alike for a good two years.
  • The welders in Salzgitter are particularly pleased that the tedious job of 'removing welding spatter and smoothing down surfaces' is no longer required.
  • Their work primarily involves the butt welding of Bekinox E13 'stainless steel' (material no.1.4316), with the torch in a forwardinclined/backward-inclined or neutral position.
  • The TransPuls Synergic 3200 CMT welding system feeds the filler wire at 5.5 m/min, delivering 11 V and 100 A for this application.
  • The basic characteristics for both normal and pulse welding in synergic mode likewise originated from Fronius.


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