Robotic System performs PET blow-molded bottle handling.

  • Motion Controls Robotics, a leading provider of fully integrated robotic systems to manufacturing industries, introduces the Robotic SUBTA (Stand Up Bottle Take Away) System with an unheard of three-year warranty.
  • The Robotic SUBTA system enables in-line automated PET bottle handling and unloading for coating, leak checking, case packing and bulk palletizing.
  • For larger mold machines, the system uses the FANUC M-6iB or the M-16iB robot.
  • Systems that work with the smaller mold machines use the FANUC LRMate 200iC robot.
  • The SUBTA system grabs and sets the bottles on a conveyor standing up, acting as a takeaway unit.
  • The Robotic SUBTA uses straightforward tooling, eliminating the need for multiple hoses that can develop leaks or become damaged.
  • The system has a mean time of 5 years between failures, making it very reliable.
  • The company provides full service robotic solutions from concept to installation and service/support that keep manufacturers competitive.
  • They also automate small production shops and machine job shops. Motion Controls Robotics provides automation solutions to manufacturers for a variety of applications including material handling (case packing, palletizing and machine tending), material removal, sanding, deflashing, arc welding and vision-guided systems.


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