Pulsed MIG Welding Robots - Reducing Heat and Spatter

Pulsed MIG Welding RobotRobots have been welding in factories around the world for decades. Pulsed MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is just one of the many forms that has been adapted for robotics. There are many advantages to a robotic pulsed MIG welder, including the reduction of spatter and heat during the welding process, which improves the quality of the welding process.

Pulsed MIG welding is a type of robotic arc welding that has an electrode that never touches the work piece it is welding. Instead, the electrical arc is transferred from the robot pulsed MIG welding gun to the weld puddle through a series of electrical pulses. According to Lincoln Electric, the welding electrode produces a droplet that is then forced across the electrical arc by a pulse of energy.

One of the advantages of using a robotic pulsed MIG welder is the reduction of spatter, as opposed to regular welding processes. By reducing spatter, pulsed MIG welding robots are able to apply more of the welding wire directly to the work piece weld. This saves manufacturers money because wire is not wasted during the process. Another advantage of using robot pulsed MIG welders is the reduction of heat during the welding process. This reduction of heat improves the quality of the weld by reducing distortion. This also improves the application overall.

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