• kemppi pro evolutionThe Kemppi Pro Evolution delivers optimal usability and reliability, with standard features such as storing of used welding parameters and automatic thread of MIG wire
  • Basic units in the Kemppi Pro Evolution series are the digital controlled 3200, 4200.
  • The Pro Evolution wire feeders Promigs 501, 501L, 511 and 530 feature a four-roll feed mechanism.
  • This ensures smooth and secure wire movement with thin and soft Al wires or thick and hard solid wires.
  • Promig 200 and Promig 300 are mobile Evolution wire feeders designed for dock yards and heavy metal industry.
  • Promig 100 is a compact and highly portable tandem wire feeder for welding up to 30 meters from the main wire feeder.
  • Protig 400 HF ignition unit ensures excellent and stable arc ignition in TIG welding.
  • Protig 400 is attached to the top of the power source, and can be transported to the workplace in its standard frame.
  • Procool 10 and 30 cooling units:
  • Cooling liquid units Procool 10 and 30 for Kemppi Pro Evolution are designed for cooling MIG welding guns and TIG welding torches in demanding professional use.
  • They are multi-functional power sources built with inverter technology for all welding methods both in manual and robotic applications.


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