Orbital Welding of Stainless Steel Tubing for

  • Orbital welding has been proven to be a very effective method for joining of stainless steel tubing for systems in which the products flowing through them must be maintained in a clean and/or sterile condition.
  • The capability of making smooth, crevice-free welds that maintain uniformity.
  • The joints have made orbital welding technology the accepted joining technology for the semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries in the United States.
  • Crevice-free welds are essential for controlling the growth of microorganisms in hygienic piping systems.The food and dairy industries in the United States, which have been slow to adopt orbital welding.
  • Have shown an increasing awareness during the past year or so that the joining technology used for the fabrication of sanitary.Standard for welds in stainless steel piping systems which come in contact with the product.
  • Examined as well as orbital welding standard operating procedures (SOPs) that have been shown to result in high productivity and excellent weld quality.


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