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Orbital Welding RobotOrbital welding is just what it sounds like – it is welding in a circle, or an orb. Unlike other welding processes that weld flat pieces together, orbital welding robots have to operate on a curve, usually welding around pipes and other rounded objects.

One of the most impressive things about robotic orbital welders is their precision when it comes to welding on these rounded surfaces. A human welder may have issues moving around piping and other curved objects in a fluid motion, which could create weak spots in the weld. An orbital welding robot is able to move around the object in one quick motion, which creates a strong weld, something that is especially important in piping, where even the most minute crack or gap could allow gas, water or other fluids to escape, decreasing the effectiveness of the pipe.

This improvement in accuracy, along with the enhanced speed that an orbital welding robotic system brings to the table, is very attractive to manufacturers. The increase of productivity is reflected throughout the production line. This means that products are finished quicker, and they are sent out to consumers faster. Or it means that companies that need to repair their piping are able to do it faster and get replacements and repairs where they need to go.

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