New Robotic Welding Technology

New Robot Welding TechnologyWhen you think of robot technology, the first thing that might spring to mind is welding. While welding technology has been around for decades, there are many new and exciting innovations that are coming down the pipeline from some of the industry’s most notable manufacturers. These new technologies will not only improve the robotic function during the welding process, but will also improve other aspects that surround the welding application.

One of technologies that has improved robot welding is the new way that these robots are programmed. Easier programming with Windows-like interfaces makes touch pendants more user friendly, which also makes training programmers easier than ever. Instead of taking weeks or months to learn how to use a robot, now programmers can learn how to program this new robot welding technology in 1-3 days, which improves productivity of the line and decreases downtime due to training.

Companies are also making safety and weld errors easier to deal with as well, according to an article from CIM Industry. Previously, if a welding robot had a weld error, the entire system would come to a complete standstill to ensure the safety of the operator as they entered the work space to check the robot. The robot would then have to be restarted, which could take more time away from production. Now, some companies are programming their robots to move directly to a service window in the welding work cell so the robot can be serviced and then continue its application. These types of improvements are new solutions to old problems with robotic welding technology, and ones that will further improve the uptime of the line for the manufacturer.

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