New Miller Invision 350 MPa Provides Operator-Friendly Pulsed MIG for High Volume Manufacturers

  • miller invision 350 welding systemMIG, Pulsed, advanced arc controls), in pulsed MIG mode the operator simply dials in the SharpArc(TM) (arc cone shape) setting, wire and gas type, and the Invision 350 MPa automatically sets the optimal parameters.
  • As easy to use as traditional MIG, the Invision 350 MPa's intuitive programming virtually eliminates the pulsed-MIG learning curve for experienced MIG operators.
  • Manufacturers with repetitive welding needs, such as those who produce lawn and garden equipment, recreational vehicles, commercial trucks and trailers, will benefit from the simplicity of the Invision 350 MPa/S-74 MPa system," says Herb.
  •  "The Invision 350 MPa gives the operator a very controllable arc, even at short arc lengths, for more precision and productivity
  • The Invision 350 MPa eliminates these issues, using advanced technology to greatly simplify the pulsing process while enhancing operator appeal.
  • For example, its SharpArc technology alters the width of the pulsed MIG welding arc cone.
  • Using a lower SharpArc setting results in a wider arc cone that has greater wetting action, increased weld puddle fluidity and a flatter weld bead.
  • A higher SharpArc setting narrows the arc cone, which produces a narrower, faster freezing weld bead with less heat input.


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