New 7024 Stick Electrode from Hobart Brothers

  • stick electrodeRocket 7024, a new generation of mild steel stick electrodes designed to improve productivity on flat and horizontal welding applications, is available from Hobart Brothers.
  • The Rocket 7024 electrodes are particularly well suited for general plate, tank and construction equipment fabrication
  • For SMAW (shielded metal arc welding) applications requiring high deposition rates and high travel speeds.
  • Featuring a self-removing slag system that completely releases slag, Rocket 7024 electrodes improve productivity by minimizing timely post-weld activities such as chipping or grinding.
  • Rocket 7024 electrodes meet the exacting AWS (American Welding Society) E7024 requirements for horizontal fillet and flat-position electrodes and offer a minimum tensile strength of 70,000 psi (70 ksi).
  • Hobart Brothers is dedicated to the highest level of Performance Welding(TM). For product spec sheets or to learn more about Hobart Brothers and Hobart brand products, visit


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