Meeting demands of industries

  • gmawThe PGMA-TWSP provides training coupons for "near-hires" - people who are already employable but still need a little enhancement of their skills.
  • The "near-hires" present their training coupons at schools offering Tesda-registered finishing courses in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry like the Call Center (100 hours),
  • Medical Transcription (160 hours), and other industries with critical skills requirements like the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (304 hours), Gas Metal Arc Welding (80 hours), and Household Services (40 hours).
  • The schools will in turn present the training coupons at Tesda for collection of payment.
  • The PGMA-TWSP has been conceptualized to ensure that quality workers are produced to meet job openings in industries.
  • For this endeavor, President Arroyo has allocated P500 million for CY 2007 alone. And there will be more next year.
  • A month from now, you might just become one of the best call center agents, or most sought-after medical transcriptionists, or finest household service workers, or exceptional welders our country can ever have.


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