Industrial Automation - Keeping Up with Demand

Industrial AutomationIndustrial automation is really one of the things that makes this world keep running. Think about all of the different products that are available on the market every day, be it food, clothes, computers, automobiles, etc. Would any of that be possible if the industries producing the items did not begin to automate their processes more than three decades ago? More than likely not, because human workers would not have been able to keep the supply in line with the demand for more products.

Automobiles are complex instruments that are almost completely put together by industrial automation. Robots perform all of the assembly, coating, painting, and welding of the vehicle. There are human workers along the line that may move in and out of the cars attaching seats or electrical wiring, but the bulk of the assembly comes from the industrial automation technology on site. The speed that this automation brings to the line helps workers produce sometimes between 450-500 cars at one factory in one shift – something that would have been impossible with just human workers on the line.

Welding is one of the most important applications to automate in the industrial field. Welds hold metal work pieces together, and without precision, the weld will not have integrity, which could endanger the entire product’s longevity. However, when choosing industrial automation for all of your welding practices, the possibility for worker error dramatically decreases, and welds are produced with quality and strength, as they were intended.

All in all, industrial automation has improved the manufacturing industry over the years and has helped it stay ahead of the demand from consumers, as well as helping companies to stay competitive in the marketplace.

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