Improving Production Speed with Motoman Arc Welding Robots

Motoman Arc Welding RobotsMotoman Robotics has been building arc welding robots for almost as long as the industrial robot industry has existed. They build arc welders that are durable and reliable with lifespans that can stretch into decades, as long as they are maintained properly. Motoman has a long history of arc welding robotic models that focus on improving the speed of any production line.

When you purchase a Motoman robotic arc welder, speed is probably one of the things on your mind. A Motoman arc welder can weld faster than any skilled human welder. As a matter of fact, the speed of one arc welding robot from Motoman can match the speed of four human welders.

The speed increase means that top quality welds are made at a faster rate, and the company can get good, safe products out to consumers faster. It also means that a company is able to produce more products in a shorter period of time, which could mean more revenue for the company.

Overall, the purchase of a Motoman arc welding robotic system is smart for any manufacturer because it is going to speed up the rate of production, while bringing production costs down – something that is usually unheard of in the manual production world.

RobotWorx is a certified integrator for Motoman Robotics. Our staff has access to all of the new and used Motoman arc welding robots available for purchase and customization. They will work with you to build a system perfectly suited to your welding needs.

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