Improved Positioning with TIG Welding Robots

TIG Welding RobotsTungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, also known as gas tungsten arc welding, is a welding process that creates some of the strongest and highest quality welds in the industry. In the past, TIG welding was seen as a slower method that was overshadowed by the faster MIG welding processes, but with the introduction of robotics to the TIG welding process, this is no longer an issue in many cases.

TIG welding robots have several different advantages, including quality, as mentioned above, as well as improved versatility and improved positioning during the welding process. Like many other welding robots, TIG robotic welders are flexible enough with their programming that they can be used as a welder one day, and a material handler the next, as long as the dress package and end effector are changed out. This improves the return on investment for manufacturers.

Along with versatility, TIG robot welders are also great at their positioning. Welding an awkward position is just one of the many reasons that robot welders outshine skilled human welders, and TIG welding robots tend to outshine them all. By using a robotic TIG welder, manufacturers are going to get an even higher quality, stronger weld that is also aesthetically pleasing. This means that the product itself has integrity, and the customer is happy, which, in turn, is positive for the manufacturer.

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