Cutting Down on Safety Hazards with Oxyacetylene Welding Robots

Oxyacetylene Welding RobotsOxyacetylene welding is one of the oldest forms of welding on the market today. The only older form may be the process of forge welding. In the last 4 decades, the oxyacetylene welding process has been adapted so robots can perform the application, which has further improved the quality of the process and cut down on safety hazards that posed during welding.

Combustion of oxygen and acetylene is the focus for robotic oxyacetylene welding. The high heat produced by this process can top almost 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That type of heat alone can pose a threat to human welders who need to hold that torch manually and weld. If a mistake is made, terrible burns can happen to the welder. Another hazard is the leaking of the gas used for the process. If the welder breaths in the gas used in this process, it can cause respiratory or neurological damage.

Enter the oxyacetylene robotic welder. This robot will be able to perform the oxyacetylene welding without the danger of being injured in any way. Because the robot oxyacetylene welder is not susceptible to these types of hazards, it is able to perform a faster process, more accurately. Also, since there is no chance of injury, these robots are able to weld for longer periods of time. They could, in theory, perform oxyacetylene welding applications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without needing sick days or vacation time. This will increase the amount of uptime for a production line, staving off production interruptions or shutdowns, which improves the overall productivity of the line.

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