Common Welding Problem Tips

Problem: Undercutting
What to do

  • Pause at each side of the weld bead when using a weaving technique.
  • Use proper electrode angles.
  • Use proper welding current for electrode size and welding position
  • Reduce arc length.
  • Reduce travel speed.
  • Reduce effects of arc blow

Problem: Lack of Fusion
What to do

  • Reduce travel speed.
  • Increase welding current.
  • Weld design should allow electrode accessibility to all surfaces within the joint.
  • Reduce electrode diameter.
  • Reduce effects of magnetic arc blow.
  • Use proper electrode angles.

Problem: Distortion
What to do

  • Tack weld parts with allowance for distortion.
  • Use proper bead sequencing.
  • Tack or clamp parts securely.
  • Make welds to specified size.


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