Automated Welding

Automated WeldingOne of the first applications that manufacturers could perform with an automated system was welding. Whether it is spot welding or arc welding, automated welding systems are still one of the most common uses for industrial robots, second only to material handling applications like assembly and packaging. By automating welding systems, manufacturers have been able to improve the overall productivity of their production line, as well as increasing the quality of their products.

So, what exactly does automated welding entail? An automated welder, in many cases, is a six-axis industrial robot that can perform all the welding needed for a work piece. The automated system usually includes a positioner – either a table, fixturing or another robot – that can perform the handling of the part for the automated welder.

While industrial robots began operating in the 1960s, the automation boom did not come for welding until the 1980s when automotive companies realized how efficiently they could spot weld their automobiles with automated systems. Recently, automated welding applications have become even more popular because of the decrease in price on many robotic systems, and the introduction of used automation systems that can weld for half the price of a new system. This price reduction improved the ability for smaller companies to automate their welding process – something that was only in the reach of large, multi-million dollar companies.

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