60m robot system welds aluminium rolling stock

  • romat welding robotRobotic welding systems on a 60m long overhead track are reducing fabrication costs and shortening construction times in building railway rolling stock, writes Walter Lutz.
  • Instead of using fixed portal welding equipment, WBN Waggonbau Niesky is using robotic systems mounted on a 60m long overhead track to weld its modern passenger railroad car assembly groups to reduce costs and significantly shorter construction times.
  •  The decision to buy robotic and welding technology from one source has proved itself.
  • 'All the components of the plant are very well matched with each other,' said Jeschke.
  • Eight axes get the welding torches everywhere - two ROMAT robots type 350 move longitudinally on a 60m overhead track and 2.5m across on one arm each.
  • Each robot has six internal and two external axes and reaches all necessary welding positions.
  • The 6-axis wide swing of the robot axes provides a spherical working area of 3500mm diameter.
  • Despite its slim and compact build, the ROMAT is designed very rigidly.
  • Its digitally controlled drive technology, the clearance-free 6-axis positioning and its precise measuring system enable accurate and rapid positioning, shortest travel times and high track precision even at high travel speeds.


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